Mixed Assam GK (Part 1)

Mixed Assam GK is a compilation of general knowledge pertaining to the Indian state of Assam, which includes facts and information on its history, geography, culture, economy, and other relevant subjects. Assam, situated in the northeast region of India, is renowned for its abundant heritage, picturesque landscapes, and varied cultural traditions. The following are some essential points that showcase the Most Important Assam Gk (General Knowledge):

Q1) In which year, Anwara Taimur becomes Assam’s first and only female Chief Minister:
A) 1979
B) 1980
C) 1981
D) 1982
Ans: B) 1980

Q2) Who is known as the father of Assamese prose literature:
A) Bhattadeva
B) Sankardev
C) Anirudhdev
D) Madhavdev
Ans: A) Bhattadeva

Q3) Which day is observed as Rhino Day in Assam:
A) 3rd July
B) 19th AugustbwlobsinAssam.com
C) 22nd September
D) 29th October
Ans: C) 22nd September

Q4) In which district “Sri Surya Pahar” is located:
A) Dhubri
B) Goalpara
C) Darrang
D) Chirang
Ans: B) Goalpara

Q5) Which one is the highest mountain range in Assam:
A) Patkai Range
B) Namcha Range
C) Barail Range
D) Bethartoli Range
Ans: C) Barail Range

Q6) Sati Sadhani was a queen of which dynasty:
A) Ahom
B) Koch
C) Chutia
D) DimaTripura
Ans: C) Chutia

Q7) Which state is not covered under the jurisdiction of the Guwahati High Court
A) Nagaland
B) Mizoram
C) Arunachal Pradesh
D) Tripura
Ans: D) Tripura

Q8) The Assam Medical College was formerly known as:
A) Berry Which Medical School
B) St. John Medical School
C) Robert Brown Medical School
D) St. Patrick Medical School
Ans: A) Berry Which Medical School

Q9) Who is the first Assamese to climb Mount Everest:
A) Manish Deka
B) Tarun Saikia
C)Bidyut Bora
D) Abhinandan Bora
Ans: B) Tarun Saikia

Q10) By area wise Assam is the biggest state in India:
A) 11th
B) 14th
C) 15th
D) 17th
Ans: D) 17th

Q11) “Atmanusandhan” is an autobiography written by:
A) Homen Borgohain
B) Kanak Sen Deka
C) Nagen Saikia
D) Mahim Bora
Ans: A) Homen Borgohain

Q12) The coins used during Ahom’s reign were known as:
A) Takka
|B) Narayani
C) Mudra
D) Saka
Ans: A) Takka

Q13) Who was the first to start the system of land surveying in Assam:
A) Gadadhar Singha
B) Rudra Singha
C) Nara Narayan
D) Udayaditya Singha
Ans: A) Gadadhar Singha

Q14) Which district was previously known as Bangmara and Changmai Pathar:
A) Sibsagar
B) Jorhat
C) Tinsukia
D) Golaghat
Ans: C) Tinsukia

Q15) Who is appointed as first ever sports ambassador of Assam:
A) Hima Das
B) Ankushita Bora
C) Shiva Thapa
D) Mahadev Deka
Ans: A) Hima Das

Q16) Which Assamese writer is also known| as “Upanyash Samrat”
A) Sarat Chandra Goswami
B) Lakshminath Bezbaruah
C) Rajanikanta Bordoloi
D) Krishna Kanta Handioque
Ans: C) Rajanikanta Bordoloi

Q17) What is the meaning of the word Ai in the festival name “Ali Ai Ligang
A) Seed
B) Fruit
C) Tree
D) Water
Ans: B) Fruit

Q18) The “Baisagu” festival is celebrated by which ethnic group of Assam:
A) Bodob
B) Deori
C) Dimasa
D) Rabha
Ans: A) Bodob

Q19) Which of the following wildlife sanctuaries is located in the Udalguri district:
A) Chakrashila
B) Bornodi
C) Amchang
D) Buraa Chapori
Ans: B) Bornodi

Q20) The Rain Forest Research Institute in Assam is located:
A) Diphu
B) Dhubri
C) Dibrugarh
D) Jorhat
Ans: D) Jorhat

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